Take Action Against Line 9 – Solidarity Against Enbridge


Without surprise, the National Energy Board has approved the reversal of the Line 9 pipeline. This pipeline crosses every single tributary that flows into Lake Ontario, and cuts up the north shore of the St. Lawrence river….

It was anticipated that this information be released on March. 19th. Instead the rubber-stamping came early.


Indigenous peoples whose territories are being attacked by this project have been silenced throughout this process. It is our communities, and other communities of colour, who primarily live fenceline with the tar sands, its mining, infrastructure and refineries. It is our Sacred sites that are being desecrated by the shady movements of corporate imperialists and colonial-capitalists.

Line 9 shows us exactly what environmental racism looks like, from Aamjiwnaang to Jane & Finch – telling us that bodies of colour and Indigenous bodies are expendable for the larger project of profit. Line 9 is but expanded infrastructure to move the Athabasca tar sands eastward – it is an embodiment of the slow industrial genocide that is being committed by TransCanada, Enbridge, Suncor, and the Government of Canada, to name a few.

This deep rooted social disconnection from the land is fostered by the occupation of our Nations’ territories. The attack on Indigenous bodies and bodies of colour are but a glimpse into the functions of this White supremacist, settler-colonial death culture that seeks to consume, corrupt and conquer.

On March 19th, let us keep close the truth of the violence that is this pipeline: an apparatus of tar sands destruction that seeks to poison that which sustains us and those faces not yet born. On this day we will be connected with each other in struggle as we fill our hearts with love for the wild and carry inside us a hunger for justice. March 19th Take Action Against Line 9!

 We are requesting solidarity actions by friends in struggle who share Enbridge as a common enemy – from the West to the East, Enbridge’s toxic tendrils are an affront on Indigenous Sovereignty and the health of all of Creation.


Only you, your community and your affinity groups know what action is best to take in your area. Get in touch with us if you want to confirm an action. #Line9IndustrialGenocide

Be safe, be strong!

Keep your ear to the ground, because there are more battles ahead. Stop the beast! #NoLine9 #NoEnergyEast

8 thoughts on Take Action Against Line 9 – Solidarity Against Enbridge

  1. Solidarity from Washington State. Air and Water have no boundaries and neither do the Hearts of those who love Mother Earth.

  2. this level of expansion is not sustainable, we will ultimately be left with junk we can not use, cities we can not support and even air we can not breath! the profiteers though will be laughing, having made enough money to support the needs of their families right down to hydroponic gardens.

  3. This idea will just prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the fossil fuel industry, not to mention some governments, don’t care about people. They would poison the drinking water of their grandmothers just to make a buck. This psychosis of fossil fuel extraction will poison us all eventually and destroy the planet’s climate system for millennia. STOP ENBRIDGE LINE 9!!!

  4. If you have not seen the video, The Big Fix, you probably should. Before I watched it I did not know that:
    (1) Oil and Coal are the biggest contributors to campaign financing.
    (2)They have the most lobbyist in Washington D.C.
    (3)Oil is the largest source of funding for the federal government.
    (4)The US military uses more oil than any other consumer on Earth.
    (5)British Petroleum (BP) supplies most of the oil for the military.

    Does anyone really think that Obama will do anything other than to PROMOTE the XL pipeline?

    The Big Fix:

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