Support Grassy Narrows – No Mercury No Logging

Ontario is set to approve plans for another decade of clearcut logging in Grassy Narrows against their will.

Please speak out against this terrible plan before the decision on Dec. 23.

We have a short time window this week to influence this decision before Ontario’s position becomes fully entrenched and the conflict becomes more difficult to resolve. This effort is in support of and an action alongisde an 11 yr blockade in Grassy Narrows territory against clearcuts.
Peer reviewed science has found that clearcut logging in the boreal forest raises mercury levels in local fish above the safe limit for human consumption.  New logging will prolong and exacerbate the tragedy of mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows – a tragedy that was first seared into the national consciousness in the 1970’s.
Please consider taking the following actions:
1.  Email the decision makers here
2.  Forward this email to your lists, friends, family, and colleagues.
3.  Post about this on facebook, twitter, and other social media.
4.  Change your facebook cover and image to one of the images at the bottom of this page.
5.  Prepare to take further action if this decision goes the wrong way.
Thanks for your ongoing support for Grassy Narrows.
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One thought on “Support Grassy Narrows – No Mercury No Logging

  1. I am from vancouver and i heard about the Ontario for clearcut logging at Grassy Narrows.This shows the provincial and federal govs.contempt for the Native People.The enemy of the Native People and the working class of canada is the canadian gov.
    The Palestinian People got the same problem with israel.Most of their land has been taken by the israeli gov. and they have been fighting to get their land back since 1948.Besides that Palestinians that were driven from their own country by the israeli army and has been living in other countries since 1948 are not allowed to return to Palestine.Israel got an apartheid gov. and the canadian gov.supports the apartheid israeli gov.Canada got an apartheid when it comes to the Native People.All people in canada should support the Native People and the Palestinian People in their fight to get their land back.


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